The Issue of Temporary Workers in France

temporary workers in france

The current high unemployment rate in France is an incentive for foreign companies to hire temporary workers, who often cost less than French workers. The vast majority of temporary workers in France are from Portugal, Spain, Poland, Germany, and Belgium. This trend is fueling a nationalist backlash in France, as French citizens resent the cheaper labour from other countries. This article explores the issues surrounding the issue of temporary workers in France. It is important to understand the complexities of the issue, and the legal options available. Find out –

Grow At An Impressive Rate

According to Prism’Emploi, the number of temporary workers in France increased by 14.0% in January 2022, marking the second consecutive month of growth. The association cites a combination of factors, including an acceleration of economic activity in January 2022 and the need for replacement employees due to omicron variant. According to the report, temporary employment increased in the following sectors: commerce (up 24.2%), services (18.3%), and industry (down 4.7%).

French law requires that foreign temporary employment companies designate a representative in France when hiring employees for temporary jobs in France. Failing to do so will prevent the French tax administration from classifying the employee as a posted worker and may result in heavy penalties. To avoid these penalties, foreign temporary employment companies are required to designate a representative in France to deal with all French administrations. This will ensure that the documents are properly handled and the tax administration is able to provide the right information when necessary.