How to Write a Doctoral Thesis

write a doctoral thesis

There is a great deal of time, Doktorarbeit schreiben lassen and research involved in writing a doctoral thesis. As such, it is important to understand the different stages of the process and how to put together an impressive final product.

The introduction – this section is the place to factually recount your research objectives, methodology and key findings. It also sets the context for your work and explains why your study is unique.

Be sure to cite all your sources, including your own research. This will give your examiner a clear understanding of the research and help them to judge your credibility.

Essential Tips for Writing a Successful Doctoral Thesis

Use good structure – a well-structured PhD thesis will read clearly and logically, and will also be easier for your examiner to read. For this reason, it is essential to make sure that all the main points in your thesis are outlined and supported by well-written arguments.

Include basic background information – your readers may come from diverse backgrounds and have different knowledge of your topic. It is best to write a summary of the most relevant background information and to use footnotes if necessary.

Avoid using relative terms, opinions, value judgements and the like – these are not appropriate for a doctoral dissertation, since everything you are writing must be factual. You must also be careful not to inject any personal preferences into your dissertation, as this will be difficult for your examiner to assess and will likely be distracting.