AltaDena Tree Removal – Dealing With a 100-Foot Pine Disaster

Tree Removal Alta Dena

AltaDena, California residents were forced to deal with a tree disaster on Monday, after a 100-foot pine crashed into a home. As the cleanup continued, crews had to deal with over 400 tree complaints. Tree crews worked with road crews to clear roads and ensure residents’ safety.

Tips For Choosing a Tree Service Alta Dena

Tree Removal Altadena can be a great addition to your property, but if you aren’t careful, they can develop health problems that can lead to expensive repairs. Invasive bugs and pests can cause problems for a variety of different types of trees. In addition, neglected branches can begin to overgrow and give your tree an unpleasant shape. These conditions can also weaken your tree’s stability, which can lead to injuries and heavy property damages.

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