The Benefits of a San Diego DOT Exam Clinic

San Diego DOT exam clinic

Before you start driving for hire, you need to have a DOT exam. Federal guidelines call for a physical every two years, but the physical must be completed sooner if you have a certain condition or are new to the industry. A San Diego DOT exam clinic can provide you with an official Medical Examination Report as well as a laminated DOT Medical Card. The clinic also offers a number of convenient services to meet your needs. Go here

San Diego DOT Exam Clinic Adventures

A DOT exam is a thorough examination to ensure that a driver is healthy enough to drive a commercial vehicle. In addition to ensuring that the driver is physically fit, a professional DOT exam helps ensure a driver’s safety on the road. To meet these health standards, commercial drivers must meet the health standards set by the FMCSA. DOT physicals must be performed by a specially certified medical examiner.