How to Pick Out a Rolling Ladder

How to pick out a rolling ladder? Whether you are remodeling your home or simply looking to add a unique and elegant look, adding a library ladder is a great way to make high bookshelves more accessible while adding style. These ladders are easy to install and can be used for many purposes in the home including storing books or decorative items.

How do I choose a good ladder?

Before purchasing a rolling ladder it is important to verify the weight limit and heights the ladder can support. This will ensure the ladder will perform as intended and prevent potential injuries and damage. To determine what the maximum working height should be, measure the vertical distance from the floor to where the ladder track will be mounted. Once this measurement is determined, subtract 5.5’ from the number to find the maximum safe ladder height.

The material the ladder is constructed of also plays a role in safety and durability. Steel ladders are best for general use and can withstand the weight of tools and other equipment. Stainless steel and aluminum ladders are corrosion resistant and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Another factor to consider is the incline of the ladder. Typically, ladders are designed to incline at 30 degrees for climbing and descending facing the steps. A specialized ladder can be purchased with a 50 degree incline that allows users to climb and descend while carrying heavier and bulkier equipment. If using a specialized ladder it is recommended to always have a partner on hand to assist with weight distribution and safety.

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