James Colin Campbell – Overview Of Real Estate

“Real Estate – The Best of James Colin Campbell” by Jim Cullum, Jr. is one of many of the best books on real estate ever written. It is an engaging and informative text that can be read with ease and in a short period of time.

James Colin Campbell – Hollywood Hills Real Estate Professional

This book provides an overview of real estate and provides excellent tips on how to become a successful property investor. It also goes into detail about purchasing and selling real estate. There are many good tips for investors, including information on investing in foreclosures and commercial properties, making money on short-sale properties, how to invest in the stock market and much more.

In fact, the material is so detailed, there are many examples of what is discussed in this text. Many of the examples are actual situations that were discussed in the book and are very helpful for anyone who reads it.

Most of the chapters in this text cover everything from the basics of real estate to how to use the computer. However, there are some sections of the text that are devoted to specific topics such as how to purchase a foreclosure or commercial property.

Because of the wide range of real estate subjects covered in this book, it is understandable why it takes some time to read this book. However, it is worth the effort because it is a comprehensive yet easy-to-read text.

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