Picture Hanging Rails

There are two basic kinds of picture hanging rail systems: Wall Mounting and Ceiling Mounting. Wall Mounting: this kind of rail system mounts to a wall or a piece of ceiling joists. It is mounted in one of two ways: Either it hooks into the wall or it hooks into the ceiling joists and is secured with studs. Ceiling Mounting: this kind of rail system can be mounted in one of two ways: either it hooks into the ceiling joists and is secured with studs or it mounts onto the ceiling joists and secured with nails.

picture hanging rails

Picture Hanging Rails

Picture hanging rail systems are a good way to add some personality to a room while giving that personal touch. In order to hang pictures in most cases, one needs to find a way to hang them in areas that are not usually available. One of the best places to hang pictures is in the attic. This is a great place to put things like picture frames and photos because it is a little more secure and allows for more movement. The only downside to attic hanging is that it is very cold in the winter time so you may want to consider moving the pictures to a location with better insulation.

Pictures are also good choices for hanging from ceilings because they are less likely to fall if they aren’t hung properly. You can buy specially made picture hanging rail systems that have special brackets or hooks that fit onto your ceiling joists. They then attach to the ceiling joists with screws, nails, and brackets. However, if you are unsure about installing these kinds of rails, you can use the hooks on the wall as a guide.

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