Teacup Poodles

The elusive little teacup poodle that has become the darling of Poodle owners all over the world are the same dogs that are known as the “tea cups.” These puppies are constantly seen wearing teacup whistles in their delicate teacup size. There are several reasons behind this teacup poodle obsession. Most owners state that these teacup poodles love to drink the hot tea from a teapot just as much as a regular poodle would.

The Ultimate Guide To Teacup Poodles

Like many small poodles, teacup poodles will need to be fed every two to three hours. They will need to be fed every four hours if it’s warm outside and then they should be fed every six hours during the cooler winter months. Puppies who have teacup poodles at Poodleexpert.com will weigh ten to twelve pounds at first, but after they get older they will weigh no less than ten pounds. You will notice that the teacup poodle will not grow any bigger then this. They usually do start to grow after the age of twelve weeks.

Teacup poodles make wonderful dogs and although they might not look it, they have an almost dog like quality about them. Most owners state that these puppies are quite smart. You should take your time when choosing which puppy you’d like to add to your family. This breed is popular and there are many different color and pattern choices, but the teacup poodles are probably the most popular and the most commonly found in show rings, competition arenas, and private breeding clubs.

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