Water Tower Mixing Systems – A Potable Water Scam?

Water Tower Mixing Systems – A Potable Water Scam?

If you have auto tank cleaning solutions ever seen a video of a water tower in operation it is hard to believe that all these employees are using the same words to describe what they are doing. It certainly would not be reasonable to expect the man at the water tower to describe the precise words that are used by the person who is working behind the scenes. However, it would be reasonable to expect that a description of what the system is capable of and what it was designed for thousands of years ago, and even a few decades ago would be pretty accurate. When you consider that the actual words that these employees use are completely irrelevant to what the system can actually do today, it really becomes an open question whether or not the government should regulate this industry or not.


The sad fact is that there are so many things that are regulated that they have been rendered useless through government intervention. Take for example the requirement that water tanks must be maintained at a certain temperature. These temperatures are determined by engineers who never have a clue what they are talking about, much less why the government needs to mandate that this temperature be maintained. The funny thing is that no one in the tank maintenance business ever checks the temperature of the water tanks, just like the guy who invented the computer telling you that the computer was overheating, causing it to crash.


Now then, the other interesting thing that goes on in the water storage tanks happens to be the term potable water. What does this mean? Well, it means that the water in the storage tank is not drinkable, but the government insists upon it being that way. Why? Well, because they figure if you force people to drink potable water that they will be more likely to throw their used water out, rather than taking it and recycling it, both of which are very good ideas.

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