What is a Stainless Steel Recycling Program?

stainless steel recycling

Stainless steel recycling is the most widely accepted method for materials recovery in the US. The problem is that recycling requires a huge infrastructure in local municipalities to support collection and transportation. Stainless steel recyclers can save costs and provide environmental benefits by sorting scrap metal from cars, boats and even furniture. This is also true of aluminum recycling programs. With both types of recycled metal, recyclers separate the material based on the source.


Steel recyclers segregate materials based on the type of metal involved in the recycling process. Materials such as aluminum use different sorting methods than scrap copper. Steel recyclers also need to ensure they are processing scrap metal properly and aren’t diverting valuable material for other purposes. Recyclers also work with local, state and federal recycling programs to ensure recyclable materials are gathered in the right quantities and returned to the right places. A steel recycling program will offer a service extending capacity and environmental accountability.


When recycling requires separating different materials based on their source, a steel recycling program makes it possible. Some recyclers are processing material now that has a very short useful life such as tubing. Others are recycling materials that will still be in use many years from now. If you have stainless steel scrap in your own property, contact a stainless steel recycling company to sort your material.

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